For I’m all the places where a piece of my heart once resided... I’m Cairo when I am tenacious, Paris when I am artsy, Zurich when I am calm, California when I am innovative and NY when I am wild. I’m all the ages which I have lived... I’m three when I laugh; I am five when I cry; I am fifteen when I dream and I am twenty when I love. I am all the people which were reflected on me... my family, my friends, my heartbreaks and my role models.


My Story

"Here's to the fools who dream"

"Look where I ended up dear diary; a girl from Cairo with a big heart and dreamy eyes travelling the world and trying to make the slightest impact she can." ~ My Diary Entry, November, 2018.
I am one of three siblings in a middle class Egyptian family. I lost my loving father when I was 13 and it is then that I learnt the meaning of strength from my mum. I learnt the meaning of perseverence from my siblings and I learnt how to not settle. Upon graduating from school, I joined the American University in Cairo- something I worked diligently for. I double majored in Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering with a tenacious lust towards learning everything about technology from the transistor level to the UI level. I did a lot of internships inside Egypt and in many tech giants like Microsoft Research, Google, UC Berkeley and Affectiva. However, this is not how I see my story.
I see my story in the great friendships I made. I see my story in the endless memories I made. I see my story in every scent I smelled and every corner I visited. I see my story in the impact people have left on me and the impact I have started to do and want to continue doing! Every Light you shine on others reflects on you | أي نور تتركه داخل احدهم يضيئك. I'll continue to write a story where I can light at least one person's life and maybe it'll reflect onto the world.

My Philosophy

"Dog Days are over."

There is this very famous star called "The Dog Star", or Sirius, it used to shine so hard during time of the flood in ancient Egypt and people used to think of it as time of suffering, or as the Greeks called it "The Dog Days".
Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I felt happy, I felt a little bit scared. I felt like it was going to be this fleeing moment of happiness that is eventually going to escape me and I will be either bored, sad or just neutral.

One summer I decided this shouldn't be the case. I decided to embrace emotions as they should be, those moments of happiness were just about being happy, no mixups; I wanted to make sure I fully experience them, to let the emotion sink in and somehow to be totally surrounded by it.

I realized that I am the happiest version of myself when I am curious, when I am asking questions, when I am learning something new. This is why I decided to embrace my quest for enhancing education by learning about how can I use human-centric design and interactive technology for doing and impact on the society, questioning everything I see along the way and trying to understand humanity in its rawest forms.

The Projects Closest To My Heart

Technical & Creative Projects


5 years of travelling the world to intern, create impactful entrepreneurial endeavors, do social good and be creative about it...

I have been pursuing a passion towards technolgy and my internships helped me tickle the technical giants; however, it is by directly working with vulnerable communities like internally displaced nubians, syrian refugees and kids that I learnt my true passion in life: using my knowledge for social good.


Learn how I learnt to work under pressure, gained technical knowlede got a huge network of mentors and friends and travelled the world as a student.

My summer for 4 years!

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Impact isn't about doing charity; it's about finding something you don't like in the world and committing to making it different even if for one person.

Leave something good in everyplace you go; leave something good in everyone you see.

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Planet Home is the first gig-economy platform, helping vulnerable populations find secure jobs, overcome the language barrier and have access to viable payment solutions.

Winning multiple awards ands stirring a huge debate in the upcoming G20 meeting!

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DEA creates an interactive storytelling experience that transports kids into world of imagination. Kids customize the book characters and endings and then project them on the wall in a DIY projector

We developed our own plots, our own automated customization algorithm, our illustrations, but most of all our own projector design.

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"Don't work for recognition, but do work that is worth it"

The Awardee

Internet Society 25Under25

NYUAD Hackathon 1st Place 2017

HULT Regional Finalist in Shanghai

Parent's Association Cup, Fall 2017

Ambassador for Africa, Count My Voice Campaign, G20 Meeting, 2018

Honors and Exemplary Student, Spring 2013-2017

Head Delegate for Outstanding Delegation in National Model UN NYC, Spring 2015

Outstanding Delegation in National Model UN NYC, Spring 2013

25 Cities before I turned 25

The Traveller

I would like to specially thank my mum, my siblings, my endlessly supportive friends for always having my back and supporting me in all what I pursue in life.

Contact Information & Resume

Phone: +2 0122 3285 268
DOB: 30th October 1992
Nationality: Egyptian
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